About Us

The Tamar Regional Council, founded in 1956, incorporates six communities in the Dead Sea region. The council focuses on tourism, and industrial and community development, which greatly contributes to the State of Israel. The region, located in the Syrian-African rift, embodies a rare combination of extreme conditions, resulting in some extraordinary geographical and geological phenomena. The lowest place on earth, the region extends between the saltiest sea in the world (the Dead Sea) and a desert (the Judean Desert).The region boasts some breathtaking nature reserves and unique flora and fauna.

As a result of the Dead Sea’s unparalleled minerals and the region’s special environmental conditions, the whole area has given birth to therapeutic and health sites, tourist sites and industry and agriculture. The Tamar region is located in the cradle of human civilization and is also the home to famous historical sites and relics of ancient cultures such as; Massada, Ancient Byzantine Synagogue and others. It is at the heart of intercultural and inter-religious heritage.

The Tamar Regional Council has undergone impressive demographic growth in recent years. The council’s permanent population is 1,350, but more than 2,000,000 tourists and hikers explore the region’s 407,724-acre interior every year.

During the past 50 years, the region has witnessed extensive development in industry, tourism, settlement, research and agriculture. Yet there remains untapped potential. To realize the region’s maximum potential, whilst preserving its natural and cultural heritage values, it is necessary that the residents work together with people from Israel and abroad, who will support, promote and shape the future of this historic and unique part of the world.