• About the course
  • Aid Stations
  • Age Categories
  • Race Course
  • Rules and Regulations

About the course

Date: Friday, February 4, 2022
Distance: 5km
Elevation Gain: 13m
Start Time: 08:45
Cut-Off Time: 09:45 (1 hour – 12 minutes per 1 kilometer)
Age Minimum: 12 years old


Standard Mark
The Israeli Athletics Association (IAA) officially recognizes the results of this competition. Dead Sea Marathon is measured by an AIMS-certified expert.

Aid Stations

  • Water stand will be placed every 3 kilometers
  • It is advised to carry a personal water bag/hydration belt and your favorite snack bar and/or energy gels.
  • Some of the water stands will provide bottled water, and some cups of water.
  • Nutrition stops exact location and service are subject to change.

Age Categories

Male Female
12-15 12-15
16-17 16-17
18-19 18-19
20-39 20-39
40+ 40+


  • If fewer than five runners are classified in one category, we will cancel this category and classify the runners in the preceding or subsequent age-group category.
  • Age categories are determined by year of birth rather than exact date of birth, i.e.: a participant born in February 1990 and a participant born at the end of December of that year are both classified as 30 years old. Age category is set prior to the race during check-in.


Race Course

Rules and Regulations

  • The right to participate in the race is reserved for those who registered, paid and appear on the list of participants, presented in person all the required documents and certificates during the registration process, and signed a health declaration form at packet pick-up.
  • Race bib exchange is not allowed, participation under a false identity is strictly prohibited and hazardous.
  • All participants are required to run wearing a shirt or undershirt (doesn’t have to be the race’s shirt), and the race’s bib number with timing chip received at race kit pickup, prior to the race.
  • Race officials – referees, marshals, organizers, management and rescue vehicles, army and police – must be obeyed at all times. Participants who fail to adhere to this rule will be disqualified.
  • The organizers reserve the right to deny a participant the right to continue the race if for any reason the race team concluded that the participant’s safety and/or health are at risk.
  • Littering is prohibited and will result in an immediate disqualification. All waste must be appropriately collected and may be disposed of only at checkpoints and refreshment stops.
  • Good sports behavior should be maintained throughout the competition and in life in general. Participants who will violate rules of conduct and proper behavior towards referees, marshals, other competitors or other users of the area (pedestrians, spectators, etc.) will be disqualified. Examples of unsportsmanlike behavior: violent bypassing, cursing, pushing, endangering others.
  • Spectators may not join the course in order to run or cycle alongside race participants.
  • Any participant who for any reason is forced to retire from the race will immediately report to the race team. An emergency phone number appears on the racing bib. Participants who leave the course without notifying the organizers may be charged the cost of the search teams that will be called in.
  • Official course routes are marked with arrows. Do not deviate from the marked course. Slow down and look for the official race markings at every intersection before proceeding appropriately in the right direction. Do not turn at any intersection unless otherwise directed by the official arrow marking. A red arrow pointing downward marks a potential hazard on course – a crevice, a hole, a rock, a slope, etc.
  • Professional race timing by B-Timing.
  • Gun timing starts the race clock.
  • Appeals: any appeal that may affect the order of first three places of each category should be submitted within 30 minutes from result publishing. 400 ILS submission fee is refundable only when appeal is accepted. No appeals will be allowed during the award ceremony.

Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE)