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Get ready to lace up your running shoes and experience the exhilarating Dead Sea Marathon, a Spectacular Running Event at the Lowest Point on Earth.

Returning for its fifth edition, at the stunning backdrop of the Dead Sea, this internationally acclaimed running event promises to captivate participants from around the world.

The Dead Sea Marathon has established itself as a perfect bucket list race for runners from all corners of the globe. Renowned for its unique location, awe-inspiring landscapes, and exceptional race experience, the marathon attracts participants who are seeking an unforgettable running adventure.

“The Dead Sea Marathon has grown tremendously over the past four years, and we are thrilled to celebrate its fifth anniversary,” said MR. Nir Wanger, head of Tamar Regional Council. “This year, we have carefully crafted each course to provide runners with an unforgettable experience, combining the thrill of competition with the serene beauty of the Dead Sea. We encourage all running enthusiasts to join us in this remarkable event and make memories that will last a lifetime.”

The main highlight of the race is running across the sea over the famous gravel dikes amidst the turquoise-colored water with its unique salt formations on either side. These remarkable gravel dikes, stretching 6-8 meters wide, creates an exhilarating and incomparable experience for runners of all courses.

Available distances: 5km Fun Run, 10km Race, Half Marathon (21.1km), Full Marathon (42.4km), and the ultimate test of endurance – The 50km Course, which is Israel’s championship for ultra marathon.

The Dead Sea Marathon offers a course for everyone: beginners, seasoned marathoners, and long-distance runners.

One of the distinctive features of the Dead Sea Marathon is its flat and fast courses, providing participants with an excellent opportunity to achieve their personal bests. Whether you’re aiming for a new personal record or seeking a beginner-friendly race, the Dead Sea Marathon offers courses with minimal elevation gain, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable running experience.

The Dead Sea Marathon is proud to host Israel’s championship for the 50km ultra marathon. The ultra marathon championship adds an extra layer of excitement and motivation for both participants and spectators. As runners push themselves to the limit, they inspire all others, and leave a lasting impression on the running community.

With the event gaining more and more international recognition and reputation, we estimate doubling the number of international runners from our last edition. Therefore, creating an electrifying atmosphere of global participation.

The growing popularity of the Dead Sea Marathon is a testament to its unique appeal and competence of captivating runners from around the world. The opportunity to race amidst the stunning landscapes of the Dead Sea, joined with the challenging courses and renowned therapeutic effects of bathing in the hypersaline waters, continues to draw the attention and interest of running enthusiasts worldwide.

With its diverse range of amenities, including hotels, a bustling shopping center, a beautiful beach, and a new promenade, the Ein Bokek region complements the Dead Sea Marathon as an all-encompassing destination. Runners and spectators will find everything they need for a well-rounded experience that combines adventure, relaxation, and the best of what the Dead Sea region has to offer.

The beating heart of the event is located on the shores of the Dead Sea, on the new promenade of the hotel complex (Ein Bokek), from where the runners will cross the start line and where they will return to the glorious finish and a fun for all event. The prize giving complex will include an expo – a professional fair with the best sports and lifestyle companies, the running kit distribution area, a recovery area for runners and activities for the whole family.

The therapeutic properties of the Dead Sea itself are a significant highlight of the marathon. The Dead Sea’s salt concentration and mineral-rich waters have numerous health benefits. Runners can enjoy a post-race recovery by floating in the buoyant waters or indulging in a revitalizing mud bath, which is renowned for its ability to promote skin health and soothe muscle soreness.

Ein Gedi Race
The Dead Sea Marathon has developed from the foundations of the old Ein Gedi Race, which for over 30 years hosted tens of thousands of runners. The Ein Gedi race was an anchor point in the annual race schedule of amateurs and professionals from all over the country who were addicted to the magical and quiet landscape. As a continuation of the commemoration to that race, at the end of the half marathon, an event will be held in memory of Tomer and Giora Ron, young members of Kibbutz Ein Gedi.

The organizers
Forum Productions, which operates on behalf of the Tamar Regional Council.

Join us for an unforgettable journey through the splendor of the Dead Sea. Registration for the Dead Sea Marathon is now open.
Race slots are expected to fill up quickly.